Church at Home

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we were unable to meet collectively for Worship – so as a way of helping us to feel more connected to one another our Pastors came up with the Church at Home Leaflets. Each one commences with a hymn or Song, followed by a prayer, a small scripture reading and then a brief message from Gods Word. 

To view any of these please click on the links below

Rev Andrew Leach Our Unchanging God  
Rev David Saunders Strong Deliverer
Rev Andrew Leach – 18th July 2021 Knowing the Lord Through Prayer  
Rev David Saunders – 11th July 2021 Childlike Matthew 18:1-6 & 19:14
Rev Andrew Leach – 4th July 2021 Living in Freedom  
Rev David Saunders – 27th June 2021 ALL SORTS  
Rev Andrew Leach – 20th June 2021 Fathers DayThe Provision of the Father 1 John 3:1
Rev David Saunders – 13th June 2021 Upside Down Acts 17:6
Rev Andrew Leach – 6th June 2021 Thankful for “Small Mercies” 1 Peter 1:3-40
Rev David Saunders – 30th May 2021 Remembering…Another 3:16 1 John 3:1-3,16
Rev Andrew Leach – 23rd May 2021 Pentecost – Mission Possible Acts 1:4-8, 2:1-6
Rev David Saunders – 16th May 2021 What to do with your cares 1 Peter 5:7
Rev Andrew Leach – 9th May 2021 God’s Amazing Love 1 Cor 13:4-9 & Hosea 3:1-2
Rev David Saunders – 2nd May 2021 The Old paths, The Good Way Jeremiah 6:16
Rev Andrew Leach – 25th April 2021 April 25th 2021 PDF  
Rev David Saunders – 18th April 2021 Are you listening  
Rev Andrew Leach – 11th April 2021 Church at home 11th April 2021  
Rev David Saunders – 4th April 2021 Easter 2021