Youth Church @ Home

During the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020 we tried to think of innovative ways of still being able to share the Gospel with our Young People. 

From this came the idea to do short Video Messages on a weekly basis.

Below are these videos – 

Youth Church Videos

Youth Church - 21st March - Just Two Coins

Youth Church - 14th March 2021

Youth Church - 7th March 2021

Youth Church - 28th Feb Choices

YC - 21st Feb 2021 Greedy Getter or Generous Giver??

Feb 14th Count the Hearts

7th Feb 2021 - Where's the Snow?

Hate to Love - 31st Jan 2021

Lavish Love - 24th Jan 2021

Youth Church - 17th January 2021 - Seatbelt Prayers

10.1.2021 - SNOWFALL

YC@H - 3rd January 2021 Plans & Diversions


YC@H - 27th December - THE UNEXPECTED

YC@H - 20th December WHITE CHRISTMAS

15th nov

25th october